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Homeowner confronts 2 burglars

On 9/17/11, at approximately 3:45 a.m., a homeowner in the 6900 block of S. 115th Street heard rustling noises in his back yard. The homeowner went outside to see what was going on when he saw two males attempting to break into his shed/ detached garage. The homeowner went back inside his home to get his shotgun.

The homeowner fired one round from his 12 gauge shotgun into the ground and the suspects left the area. About five minutes later the suspects returned and the homeowner confronted them again, this time he fired two additional rounds into the ground in the suspects’ direction. The suspects fled the scene on foot and a neighbor called police.

Officers arrived, secured the shotgun and interviewed the homeowner and two additional residents concerning the incident. Containment was established and a K-9 track for the suspects was undertaken with negative results. Officers took several photographs of the scene, and placed the photos, spent casings and shotgun into evidence.