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Man arrested for assault on officers in Westlake last night

A second arrest took place about 8:15 pm.  A 23 year old male was confronting demonstrators and assaulting people in the crowd while he was heard yelling racial slurs at the crowd gathered in Westlake Park.  The suspect began throwing his arms wildly, like he was throwing punches.  He was then heard yelling something about hating police and ran toward a group of officers.  As the suspect approached the officers, he spat at them.  Officers took the man into custody.  During the arrest, he repeatedly spat at the officers.  A spit sock was applied to the suspect, but he managed to shake it off.  The suspect was also bleeding from his nose, and continued to spit saliva and blood onto and into the officer’s faces.  Three officers had to go to the hospital for significant bloodborne pathogen exposure treatment.  The suspect was later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Assault on Officer.