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Robbery on First Hill, suspects arrested

On November 17th, just after 8:00 pm, the male victim met the male suspect at the downtown bus station.  The victim told the suspect he needed a place to stay.  The suspect brought the victim back to a residence in the 1700 Block of Summit Avenue, where a female suspect lives.  According to the victim, he took out some money to pay for a one night stay.  Both the male and female suspects then produced knives and demanded additional money from the victim.  The suspects took some more money from the victim.  The victim was able to leave the apartment.   The victim then called 911.  While the victim was on the phone with 911, the male suspect came out and physically attacked the victim.  Officers arrived and saw the two men fighting.  Officers were able to separate the two and take the male and female suspect into custody.  Officers recovered several knives inside the apartment, but did not recover any cash.  The vicitm was not injured.  The two suspects, a 55 year old man and a 34 year old woman,  were later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery.