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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement today

On January 10th officers from the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Squad (CVES) inspected six commercial trucks.  Two trucks were taken out of service for inoperative turn signals. 

Total documented violations: 25  (The documented violations are listed below)

Reflective – 6 

Brakes – 5

Lighting Equipment – 3

Unsecured air line – 1

Unsafe tire tread – 1

Turn signals – 2

Steering system – 1

Windshield – 1

Wiring harness – 1

No Proof of Insurance – 2

Fire Extinguishers – 2

Citations were issued for the following violations:

Defective Fire Extinguisher – 1

Inoperative Turn Signals – 2

Defective Brakes – 1

Unsafe Tire – 1

The documented violations will be forwarded to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and will count as “strikes” against the company, the driver and the carrier.

The Seattle Police Department encourages all commercial motor vehicle operators to be familiar with and obey all local and state laws and all federal motor carrier safety regulations.