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Chief Diaz responds to ongoing OPA investigation

The fact that I hold my officers to the highest standard is no secret. Our community deserves and expects nothing less.

Right now this case (see SPD Statement below) is in the hands of the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA).  It was referred there by Department commanders per Department policy. The investigation will receive priority and will continue with necessary speed and due diligence. 

The OPA is working hard to determine the facts. The nightclub has been closed due to snow, so efforts to collect video have been stymied for the time being.  Work will continue in spite of the severe weather. I have complete confidence in the OPA’s ability to investigate this incident in a way that is thorough and fair. I will not judge this incident until the investigation is complete and the facts are in.  Due process is a necessary component to the integrity of our police accountability system.
If the investigation bears out that my officers acted inappropriately, know that they will be held accountable. As Chief of Police, that is my responsibility.
If anyone has any information regarding this incident, I urge them to call our OPA investigators by phone at (206) 684-8797 or by email at

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