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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Squad activity today

On March 13th officers from the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Squad worked East Marginal Way South and South Holgate Street and inspected 10 commercial trucks. 

Three trucks were placed “Out of Service” for the following violations: flat tire, overweight, and inoperable brake lights.

Citations were issued for the following violations:  

2 Crossing railroad tracks against flashing lights

1 Seat Belt

1 No Proof Insurance

1 Inoperable cab lights

1 Overweight

1 Expired Tonnage 

A total of 44 violations were documented, which included:  

1 Seat Belt

2 No Fire Extinguisher

1 Inadequate Tire Tread

3 Defective Windshield

2 Unlatched Hood

9 Inadequate reflectors

3 Inoperable Head/Tail Lights

10 Marker/Clearance lights

1 Flat Tire

1 Brake Light

1 Expired tonnage

2 Wiper fluid

2 Cross RR Tracks against flashing lights

1 No Proof Insurance

1 Air Hose, unprotected

1 No Mud Flaps

1 Overweight

1 Defective Headlights

1 Inadequately secured headlight  

The documented violations will be forwarded to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and will count as “strikes” against the company, the driver and the carrier.

The Seattle Police Department encourages all commercial motor vehicle operators to be familiar with and obey all local and state laws and all federal motor carrier safety regulations.