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Strong arm robbery, arrest in North Seattle

On March 13th, at approximately 8:30 pm, North Precinct officers responded to a report of a street robbery at North 90th Street and Midvale Avenue North.  Officers contacted the victim, who stated that she was on the bus when she first observed the two female suspects “eyeing” her.  The victim stated she got off the bus, and the two suspects followed her in the 8800 Block of Midvale Avenue North.  The two suspects began yelling at the victim, believing that she had fought with one of the suspect’s sisters and was saying bad things about her.  The victim did not know the suspects, or have any idea what they were talking about.  One of the suspects then began attacking the victim, by punching her in the face.  The victim defended herself, hitting back.  The second suspect joined in the fight, hitting the victim in the back of the head and knocking her to the ground.  One of the suspects grabbed the victim’s purse.  At that point, the victim removed some pepper spray from her pocket and sprayed the two suspects.  According the victim, the two suspects just laughed and dropped the purse.  At that point the victim’s parents showed up and the suspects threatened the assault them too.  One of the suspects threw a glass bottle at the mother, missing her.

A witness observed what was going on and called 911 to report it.  The two suspects walked off toward Aurora Avenue North.  As officers were interviewing the victim, additional officers contacted the suspects at N. 85th and Aurora.  The victim was able to positively identify the two suspects and they were arrested.  Both female suspects, age 17, were later booked into the Youth Services Center for Investigation of Robbery.  The victim, also 17, was later checked out at the hospital for pain to the back of her head.