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Vehicle/ Motorcycle collision

On 4/21/2012, at approximately 2:04 a.m., officers responded to a call of a collision in the 1900 block of Boren Ave involving a motorcycle and an aid car.  Shortly after the initial broadcast, it was upgraded to a fast back-up for Seattle Fire Personnel, as it was reported that a crowd was gathering and was arguing with the firefighters.

The aid car was responding to a call in the area with lights and sirens activated.  As they began to make a left turn into the driveway, they observed a motorcycle traveling towards them at a high rate of speed.  They could see the motorcycle wobbling as it sped toward them.  The motorcycle then went down, and as the motorcycle itself slid past, the rider slid under the front of their rig, which had stopped, and lodged up against the front tires.

The firefighters quickly backed up and began treating the rider for injuries.

It appears that motorcycle traveled at least 200 feet after going down, indicating excessive speed.  The motorcyclist also admitted that he’d been drinking.

While the motorcyclist’s injuries were not life threatening, it did appear likely that he suffered a broken arm.  He was treated by Seattle Fire Department at the scene, and was taken to Harborview Medical Center in a medic unit.  Traffic Collision Investigators responded and processed the scene. The motorcyclist was processed for DUI, he will likely be  released, pending further investigation.