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The Week In Crime: The Space Needle, Man Vs. Nature, and More!

Last week, Seattle police officers responded to 6,818 incidents across the city. Here are a few of the cases we highlighted on the SPD Blotter:

Around 9pm on May 4, a suspicious man ditched a suspicious case under our city’s greatest natural resource, the Space Needle, and ran off. Space Needle security then called in SPD’s Arson/Bomb Squad to check out the case. So, what did the bomb squad find in the man’s suitcase? Wires and white powder? A dozen mewling kittens? An old sandwich? Nope. The man’s bag contained clothing and stereo speakers.

Two hours later, someone cranked off a few shots  in an unrelated incident near 8th Avenue NW and NW 92nd Street. No one was injured. Gang Unit detectives are investigating.

Another round in the never ending battle between man and nature played out near 15th Avenue NE and NE 130th Place on May 5, after an intoxicated driver tried to take on a tree. The tree won, stopping the man’s CRV in its tracks, and officers arrested the man at the scene.  Put another one on the board for nature.

A task force of prosecutors, police, and federal law enforcement are reviewing photos and video of the May 1 protests in downtown Seattle in order to identify demonstrators who caused thousands of dollars in damage. If you have not yet reported damage or vandalism to your business or property which occurred during the May 1 demonstrations,  or have other evidence you can provide to SPD, please contact the task force at (206) 233-2666, via email at, or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-tips.

This week, robbery detectives tracked down the 39-year-old man who robbed a West Seattle deli in April while his wife waited for him outside in the car. Guess where detectives found the suspect? If you guessed “already in jail, you’re a winner!

One man’s truck proved popular with criminals this week after it was stolen twice in one night: first by a carjacker, and then by a trio of opportunistic auto thieves, proving once again that there really is no honor amongst thieves. Police arrested the trio, and are still looking for the carjacker.

Finally, in between all that crime fighting, SPDput together a team of 34 captains, lieutenants, sergeants, civilians and chiefs to manage and lead the SPD 20/20 Vision plan. You can read more about 20/20, and track the department’s progress on the plan, on our new website.