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A Growing Problem: Second Pot Farm Catches Fire This Week

For the second time this week, illegal power diversion has a sparked a fire at a marijuana grow operation in south Seattle.

Around 11:40 this morning, firefighters were called to a home near S. 115th Street and 69th Pl S, where they found a marijuana grow op in the basement of the home.  Firefighters then called police to investigate.

Two firefighters were injured while putting out the blaze in the home after they were shocked by what SPD Narcotics Unit Lieutenant Mike Kebba describes as an “unsophisticated” wiring system, which was illegally drawing power to the grow operation.
Detectives are still tallying the number of plants in the home, but believe there are between 100 and 200 seized 298 plants from the home.

Earlier this week, narcotics detectives seized approximately 400 marijuana plants from the basement of a Rainier Valley restaurant after a small fire broke out behind the business. The restaurant was also illegally diverting power to the grow operation, which caused the fire.