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Riot quickly quelled on Capitol Hill

A flash mob of black clad agitators ambushed a lone police officer with eggs and flares, before melting away into the night.  At approximately 10:10 pm last night, an East Precinct patrol officer was in his patrol car driving east on East Olive Way approaching Broadway.  As he approached the intersection, he saw a large group, about 40-50 people, dressed mostly in black, many of them covering their faces with bandanas.  They were carrying a large banner and chanting anti-police slogans as they blocked the westbound traffic.   When the group saw the marked patrol car,  some in the group threw lit road flares and eggs at the patrol car.  Rather than engage the hostile crowd by himself, the officer turned down an alley and called for additional officers.  As officers were responding to the area, the first officer encountered another protester who threw another lit flare at his car at the intersection of Summit Avenue and East Denny Way.  Others in the group began pushing newspaper boxes into the street.  As soon as the additional officers arrived in the area, the protesters all took off running in different directions.  There were no arrests.