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50 year-old uncle and 17-year-old nephew arrested for Robbery

On April 13th at approximately 9:22 a.m., the victim was in the office (a business in the 300 block of Terry Ave N) preparing the cash for the day when he was confronted by two male suspects carrying boxes. The suspects stated “delivery…COD” and threw the boxes at the victim. Both suspects threw the victim down onto the floor and zip-tied his hands behind his back.

The suspects demanded the combination to the safe.  At this point, victim 2 walked into the office and interrupted the robbery. One suspect grabbed her by the back of her hair, forced her face down onto the ground and zip-tied her hands together. The suspects fled with several cash bags containing cash. Numerous units responded to the scene, but the suspects could not be located.

Using science and old fashion police work, detectives identified one of the suspects. It was learned that he was in custody at the Regional Justice Center for an assault in Renton. The detective contacted Renton PD and learned that the suspect and his nephew were both arrested for a robbery and assault in Renton.

Detectives served a search warrant at the suspect’s residence and credit cards belonging to the victim were recovered. It was also learned that the suspect used to work for a Delivery company that delivered merchandise to the victim’s business.

Detectives presented both suspects in photo montages to the victims and received identifications on both suspects.

On 6/19/12, the 50-year-old suspect was additionally booked for Investigation of Robbery. His nephew, a 17-year-old male was at the Youth Service Center and is expected to be declined.