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Under the Paving Stones, the Clown College


The Woodland Park Zoo became a bit of a circus Sunday morning when a group of clowns showed up for a protest.

Around 11am on July 1st, police received a report that a half-dozen members Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army—  some of whom were dressed in military style clothing, white face paint, clown noses, and brightly colored wigs, according to officers at the scene—were protesting outside of the Woodland Park Zoo’s gates, blocking access inside.

The protesters were at the zoo to discuss the elephant in the room: elephants. Specifically, freeing them.

Bike patrol officers met with the group and escorted them to the zoo’s parking lot, where they continued their protest.

No clowns were arrested during the incident. The elephants remain in custody.

Photo via Facebook