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Two Arrested For Bringing Guns to the Party on Alki

Two armed men were arrested in separate incidents during yesterday’s 4th of July festivities on Alki Beach.

Around 8pm, police received a flurry of phone calls about a man brandishing a handgun on an apartment balcony near 55th Avenue SW and Alki Avenue SW.

SWAT, patrol officers, and gang detectives arrived and talked to witnesses, who reported that a man had used a skateboard to smash the windows of an Oldsmobile Cutlass parked behind the building. After smashing the cars’ windows, the suspect ran up to his third floor apartment where he’d flashed a gun.

When owner of the Cutlass ran up to the suspect’s third floor apartment to confront him, the suspect pulled a gun on the man. The suspect then went back inside his apartment.

Officers tried to call the suspect, but he refused to answer his phone. He eventually came out of his apartment and spoke with officers, who then took him into custody. Officers found a knife on the suspect and recovered a loaded .40 caliber handgun, pepper spray, and a skateboard from the suspect’s apartment.

The suspect, who was intoxicated, was apparently angry that the owner of the Cutlass had parked his car in the suspect’s parking space behind the apartment building. The owner of the Cutlass refused to give officers a statement about what had happened.
In another incident on Alki, gang detectives arrested a a 21-year-old felon near Alki Avenue SW and Beach Drive SW, after they received a tip that the man was carrying a gun.

Detectives contacted the man—who, as a convicted felon, is not allowed to have access to guns—and found a 9mm handgun on him. Detectives then booked the man into the King County Jail.