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Burglars Rolling Up Businesses

Detectives are investigating over 19 roll-up door burglaries in South Seattle. The burglaries have been committed primarily in the Ocean Sector of South Precinct. The burglars are using motor vehicles to push in the roll-up doors to create enough of a gap for the suspect to enter the business. Most incidents occurred overnight or over the weekend when the businesses were closed (various victims with alarms noted activation times between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.).

Property taken in the burglaries includes tools, aluminum chair backs, projector lenses, monitors, bicycles, a security system and copper wire. It should be noted that in eight of these incidents nothing was taken but the victim business sustained extensive property damage.

Officers and detectives are actively working this commercial burglary trend but we need the assistance of the community. We ask everyone to monitor your property during business hours for suspicious activity, especially subjects with a special interest in your load areas. Talk to your neighboring businesses about any unusual activity they may have seen. Make sure that your property is secured properly and your alarm activated. You may want to consider reinforcing any roll-up doors you have.

Promptly report any suspicious activity or persons to 911.

This remains an active an on-going burglary investigation.