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New Study: Too Much Beef Can Lead to Drive-Bys, Arrest

One self-proclaimed gang member’s bad day got worse Sunday when he was targeted in a drive-by shooting in north Seattle, and then arrested on a warrant.

The 22-year-old man was standing in front of a family member’s home near NE 130th Street and 23rd Avenue NE when a silver or red pickup truck rolled down the street, and someone in the truck opened fire on the man.

Witnesses later told officers that after the suspect fired four shots and sped away, the 22-year-old tore off his tank top and went running after the truck, screaming at whoever was inside.

When officers arrived, the 22-year-old made it clear he wasn’t interested in talking to police about the incident. That might’ve been because Shoreline police had a warrant out for the man’s arrest.

After officers took the man into custody, he told police he had gotten into an argument with a group of men earlier in the day at a park near the shooting scene.

Still, the man—a self-described gang member—said he had “no idea” why he’d been targeted in the shooting. However, after cutting through the gristle, the man admitted to officers he has “beefs with lots of people.”