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Man Threatens Neighbors, Gets A Visit From the SWAT Team

Police evacuated part of a Belltown apartment building Monday night and called in a SWAT team to arrest a suspect, who threatened to “put a bullet” in a man on the street.

Around 9:45pm, a man and a woman were standing at 1st avenue and Eagle Street, when the suspect—who lives in the same apartment building as the woman—walked up to them.

According to the victims, the suspect told the male victim he was going to “put a bullet in [his] brain,” and then pulled a handgun out of his pocket and pointed it at the male victim.

When the male victim took off running, the suspect chased after him shouting “if I catch you out here I’m gonna blow your brains out.”

The suspect then fled to his own apartment, where officers—armed with ballistic shields—tried to contact the man.
Patrol officers knocked on the suspect’s door and called his cellphone, but the man refused to respond. Officers then called in a negotiator, who was also unable to get the man to come out of his apartment and talk to police.

Finally, a SWAT team arrived at the scene and used a “distraction device”—which emits a loud boom—to coax the suspect out of his apartment.

The man admitted to police that he’d argued with the victims, but  said had never pulled a gun on them. Officers were unable to find a gun in the man’s apartment, but booked him into the King County Jail for harassment.