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A Kind Word Can Go A Long Way

21-year-old man arrested for felony harassment of officers.  On July 21st at approximately 9:28 p.m. officers were working traffic posts at the Bite of Seattle command post set up at 5th Avenue and Broad Street when the male suspect drove over some traffic cones set up to block traffic at the command post. 

Officers approached the car and told the suspect that he was not allowed to park in the coned-off area and that he needed to move his car.  The suspect ignored the officers and rolled up his window and began talking on his cell phone.  The officers knocked on the suspect’s window.  The suspect rolled down his window and began screaming profanities at the officers.  The suspect then threatened to physically assault the officers and shoot them.  The suspect then drove around the block and parked nearby.

Officers re-contacted the suspect and placed him under arrest.  He was subsequently booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Felony Harassment.