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K9 team catches warrant suspect after track through Maple Leaf

Just before 1:00 am this morning, North Precinct officers responded to a suspicious circumstances call in the 800 Block of NE 92nd Street.  The caller stated that there were two men in a car that had been parked across the street for the past half hour.  One of the men had a flashlight.  As the officer was arriving, the car started to pull away from the curb.  The officer activated his emergency lights and the car stopped.  Immediately the passenger got out of the car and ran west and then north on 8th Avenue NE.  The officer contacted the driver, who remained in the car.  He told the officer that his friend ran because he had outstanding warrants.  A computer check of the man’s name confirmed that he had several outstanding warrants for his arrest, with a total bail of over $22,000. 

Additional officers responded to the scene, as well as a K-9 team.  The dog and handler began a track for the suspect and located him in a yard of a house in the 200 Block of NE 85th Street.  The 43 year old suspect was taken into custody approximately 45 minutes after he ran from the car.  The suspect complained of soreness to his stomach from jumping over fences in an attempt to get away, so he was taken to a local hospital to be checked out.  After he was examined by medical staff he was then booked into the King County Jail for his many outstanding warrants.