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Seattle Neighborhood Group and Seattle Police Department team up to tackle graffiti in Little Saigon

On 08/01/2012, the Seattle Neighborhood Group (SNG) and the East Precinct Community Police Team partnered together to coordinate a one day graffiti abatement project in Little Saigon.  Little Saigon is the heart of the Vietnamese business community in the Greater Seattle Area, and has been plagued with indiscriminate graffiti, vandalism, and property damage over the past several years, most often from “taggers” and vandals from outside of the community.

To address this issue, staff members from the Seattle Neighborhood Group, the East Precinct Community Police Team, East Bike Team, and dedicated members of the local community got together to conduct a “paint out.”  Also in attendance were approximately 16 middle school students from the Matsuyama Junior High School of Japan – who had desired to participate in a cross-cultural exchange to learn more about American culture.

The group painted out graffiti in four separate locations in the Little Saigon area; community members, officers, and foreign guests had the opportunity to give back to the community, get to know each other better, and had a lot of fun in the process.

Special mention and thanks to Nhi Tran from Seattle Neighborhood Group, Seattle Public Utilities for the supplies, and for the local businesses who volunteered to offer their property as candidates for the paint out.

Please visit Seattle Neighborhood Group’s website to learn more about this project and how you too can get involved in your community: 

 Please visit the Seattle Police Department’s website to learn how you can report graffiti in your area:

 More information on how to handle graffiti problems in your area on the Seattle Public Utilities website: