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Use Only As Directed: Men Wield Can of Soup, Curtain Rod In Pioneer Square Fight

One man was left with a head wound and another ended up in handcuffs after an argument over bad drugs and a woman turned violent in Pioneer Square Sunday night.

Around 5:30 pm on September 30th, a patrol officer heard shouting coming from a bus shelter at 2nd Avenue Ext. S and Main Street and saw a man standing on the sidewalk with blood coming from the back of his head, yelling at a second man.

The bloodied man told officers he was walking down 3rd Avenue when the second man, the suspect, came up behind him and struck him in the back of the head with a metal curtain rod.

When officers arrested the suspect, he complained of back pain, and said the victim had thrown a can of soup at him, prompting the curtain rod attack.

Officers weren’t able to find the can of soup at the scene.

The fight was apparently sparked by a dispute between the suspect and victim over bad—or “bunk”—drugs and a woman.

Officers booked the curtain rod wielding suspect into the King County Jail for assault.