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Intoxicated motorist drives, strikes officer and three patrol cars near Green Lake

An man beleived to be intoxicated refused to follow officer’s directions and instead drove at an officer and struck three patrol cars before being apprehended near Green Lake.

At about 12:30 am this morning, North Precinct officers responded to a report of a possible DUI driver near Green Lake, in the 7900 Block of Densmore Avenue North.  The officer located the suspected car, which was parked, with the driver still inside.  A DUI officer was called to the scene.  When the patrol officer approached the car, the driver refused numerous commands to step out of his car.  The suspect then drove away from the scene, driving his car with one flat tire. 

Officers were able to relocate  the car driving slowly near  the north end of Green Lake.  Officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop.  The suspect stopped his car in the middle of the roadway.  When officers again approached the car, the driver refused to get out of his car.  After a few moments, the driver put his car in reverse while his driver’s side door was open, and accelerated rapidly.  The open driver’s side door struck one of the officers standing in the street.  The suspect’s car then struck a patrol car, which was pushed into a second patrol car, causing damage.

The suspect then put his car in drive and attempted to drive through a too small gap between a parked car and a third patrol car.  The suspect’s car struck the patrol car and got stuck.  The driver then fled on foot, but was quickly caught by officers.  The 22 year old suspect was arrested and taken to the precinct, where he was processed for driving under the influence. 

The suspect was  later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Assault and Investigation of Malicious Mischief.  The officer who was struck by the car door only experienced minor discomfort and did not require medical aid.  The patrol cars all had their emergency overhead lights activated at the time the suspect rammed them.