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Driver arrested for DUI while officers were investigating Aurora collision scene

While officers were busy investigating the earlier mentioned car/pedestrian collision on Aurora, a female driver and her passenger attempted to drive past the patrol cars and police line on Aurora, and ended up striking the rear of one of the patrol cars.  The driver then continued to drive while her car was straddling the center median before she was stopped by detectives in the next block.

Despite the fact that there were patrol cars with flashing lights, police tape, flares, and traffic cones all put in place to direct traffic and protect the crime scene, the female driver and her passenger drove through the scene at approximately 25 mph, and struck the rear bumper of the patrol car.  The driver was able to drive her car while straddling the median, before finally being stopped by Traffic Collision Investigation Squad (TCIS) detectives at N. 60th and Aurora.  The driver was evaluated and processed for DUI.  The female passenger in the car was arrested for obstructing and outstanding warrants.  The officer who was seated in the struck patrol car was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital and released.