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Now Is the Time to Compose Your Disasterpiece, Win Prizes

What do laxatives, latex gloves, petroleum jelly, and pliers all have in common?

They’re all things you should have in your family’s disaster supply kit!

That’s right, a disaster kit.  You know, that thing you think about putting together every November (Preparedness Month!), but then you’re all like, “I’ll finally prepare myself for a snowstorm, Hitchcockian swarm of birds or a sudden power outage—stranding you in a nightmarish TV-and-Internet-less wasteland—next November.”

But you still haven’t done it, have you?

Well, procrastinators, there has never been a better time to pull together a doomsday kit BECAUSE NOW YOU CAN PREPARE FOR THE END AND WIN DISASTER-RELATED SWAG!!!

In honor of Preparedness Month, the city is giving away prizes to three lucky folks who send us a picture of the most creative or unusual item in your emergency kit—be it a well-worn copy of Twilight, collection of special bobble heads, or the last remaining Twinkies on earth.

And don’t just think you can throw any weird, old thing (like Chevy Chase) into your kit and win. Your extra-special item will be judged on usefulness, creativity, and shelf life.

Three lucky winners will be able fortify your disaster kits with PRIZES like a solar or hand-crank operated flashlight/radio combo—featuring both AM and FM radio—or a paperback copy of Apocalypse Chow: How to Eat Well When the Power Goes Out, so, in the event of an emergency, you won’t have to subsist on handfuls of cold beans straight out of the can.

Your entries need to be in to by noon on Thursday, December 6th, so you haven’t got much time. Besides, disaster strikes anytime it feels like it, so why wait?

Please put the title of your photo in the subject line of your email, and put the caption about your special item in the body of the email.

The winners will be announced Friday, December 7th at

LEGAL! *By sending your photo, you agree that we may use it to promote emergency preparedness. Winners will be selected from a small panel of city employee judges. Though we love City of Seattle contributions, Seattle employees are not eligible for prizes (boo!). Limit one entry per contestant.