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Drinking, Driving, and Shooting Fireworks Out of Your Car Is Not a Safe Way to Celebrate the New Year

West Precinct officers arrested two men on New Years Eve after catching the pair celebrating the end of 2012 by driving around Belltown, drinking, and shooting fireworks out of their moving car.

Around 11:30 pm, a driver flagged down officers near 1st and Bell, reported the two troublemakers, and directed officers to their Toyota Camry.

Officers spotted the Camry in a parking lot near 1st Avenue and Blanchard Street and pulled behind the car. Just then, the passenger in the Camry shot a lit firework out of the car into the parking lot.

When officers flashed their lights at the men, one of the men stepped out of the car with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. Officers looked inside the car and saw dozens of fireworks on the floor.

Officers arrested the two men and took them to the West Precinct, where one man complained his finger hurt and requested medical treatment. So, as per SPD policy, officers called for the Seattle Fire Department to come treat the man. SFD gave him a band-aid for a small cut on his finger.

Both men were booked into the King County Jail for reckless endangerment.