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Help Police Hook Fishy-Smelling Watch Thief

Last week, a fishy-smelling toothless man single-handedly gave all fishy-smelling toothless men a bad name when he ripped off a watch—probably worth more than your car—from a downtown jewelry store.

Just after 2 pm on January 18th, the suspect walked into the Ben Bridge Jewelers at 4th and Pike and started chatting up employees.

Employees noticed the suspect had a distinctly fishy musk about him which, he told staff, was because he was a wealthy fisherman.

He said he wanted to buy a $45,000 Rolex watch, and asked an employee if he could try one on to “feel the weight.” As soon as the employee fastened the watch around the suspect’s wrist, the suspect said “see ya” and bolted out the door.

Two jewelry store employees took off running after the suspect, and were quickly joined by a homeless man, who assisted the employees in their pursuit.

One of the employees was able to catch up to the suspect after he ran inside a clothing store, but when the female employee grabbed the suspect, he shoved her and ran off.

Detectives are now searching for the suspect, and are hoping someone may be able to help police identify him. If you recognize the suspect, contact the SPD Robbery Unit at 206-684-5535.