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Restaurant burglarized on Lower Queen Anne

A restaurant was burglarized early this morning and a witness reported seeing two suspects flee.  The suspects were not located, despite an area check by officers. 

West Precinct officers responded to an alarm call at Plaza Garibaldi, a restaurant in the 100 Block of 1st Avenue North at around 4:20 am.  At about the same time as the alarm, there was a separate call of a witness reporting that they had seen two men breaking into the restaurant.  When officers arrived, the suspects were already gone.

During the investigation, it appeared that the suspects were attempting to steal alcohol from the bar area.  It also appears that the suspects could not get the doors open so they tried to break the lower door windows from the inside with a rock or brick, but did not succeed.  A chair was used to break the upper window of the door.  Officers located and collected physical evidence from inside the restaurant.  Despite the quick response from officers, the suspects managed to flee the restaurant prior to their arrival.

The only description of the suspects is two unknown race males, one wearing a baseball cap and dark clothing, and the other wearing a knit cap and dark clothing.  Detectives will conduct the follow up investigation.