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Woman refuses to pay bar tab, assaults patrons, officers in U-District

Officers arrested a woman last night after they were called to the Hotel Deca bar for a disturbance. After refusing to pay her tab, the woman threw a glass beer pitcher, striking another patron and later assaulting the officers. 

Officers responded to a disturbance report inside the Hotel Deca located at 4507 Brooklyn Avenue NE shortly after 11:30 pm.   The complainant stated that a female inside the bar would not pay her bar tab, was refusing to leave, and had thrown a glass beer pitcher at a patron.  Officers arrived and contacted the bartender.  He told officers that the woman had been in the bar for hours.  Around 11:30, the bartender asked the woman to settle her tab, which totalled $30.  The woman provided a credit card, but that was denied.  The bartender asked if she had another method of payment.  She initially stated she did, but did not provide any and became increasingly upset.  The woman then began screaming at the bartender.  She grabbed a beer pitcher and threw it at him, missing him but striking another patron in the chin, cutting that patron on her chin. The woman then grabbed a full pitcher of beer and poured it over herself as she began to dance and sing.  The woman then threw that empty pitcher at the bartender, again missing him.  At that point, 911 was called.  The woman then walked outside of the establishment and stood outside kicking the windows (no damage was done) as officers arrived.

Officers spoke with the woman, who was still very agitated.  She attempted to walk away, and officers had to prevent her from walking away.  She slapped one officer in the face  and then kicked another after she was arrested and being escorted to the patrol car.

The woman was later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Assault.  Additional charges for misdemeanor assault, property damage, theft and resisting arrest were requested.  The officers were not seriously injured, and the woman who was struck by the pitcher declined medical attention at the time, stating she would seek it later.