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A good samaritan chased a group of teens who attacked a woman in South Seattle

A woman was attacked and robbed in South Seattle. On 2/5/13, at approximately 9:30 p.m., officers received a report of a robbery in the 8600 block of Renton Av S.  The 38-yr-old female victim was attacked from behind by several teenage males.  One of them put her in a headlock and forced her to the ground while the others took her lunch sack and purse.  A witness heard the woman scream as she pointed at the youths stating she had just been robbed. 

The witness gave chase and ended up chasing two of the teenagers as others in the group split off. An officer intercepted the witness’s foot pursuit and captured one of the suspects as the witness kept chasing the others.  Officers applied a K-9 to the area where the witness lost the final suspect.  The result of the track was negative. 

Guardian one assisted in the search and containment. A 15-yr-old male was arrested at the scene. He was later booked into the Youth Service Center for Investigation of Robbery.

The other suspects remain at large.