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East Precinct officers thwarted a potential “suicide by cop” incident

The day in the life of a sworn SPD employee.  On 2/8/13, just shortly after 4:00 a.m., a sergeant was returning to the precinct when a driver honked his horn to get his attention. The driver followed the sergeant from Broadway and Pine St to the East Precinct.  The driver passed the sergeant and stopped in the middle of 12 Av.  As the sergeant approached the car to assist the man, the driver stepped out of his vehicle holding a switchblade knife.  He told the sergeant, “You are going to have to take me”.  “You are going to have to do me, sorry.”

The sergeant called for additional units.  The subject had a significant cut to his left wrist and stood in the middle of the street crouched as if he was going to run at the officers.  He pumped his legs and began to count down, readying himself to charge the officers on the sidewalk.

At one point, officers convinced the man to throw the knife down, which he did, but he picked it back up.  Eventually, he laid down on the ground as it appeared that he was losing consciousness or perhaps he had decided to give up.

Officers approached the subject and were able to secure the knife and place him in handcuffs. He was treated on scene by the Seattle Fire Department. He transported to HMC for his self-inflicted wrist injury.  The man was admitted to HMC for a mental health evaluation.