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Burglary on Beacon Hill, Suspect Caught

A 16-year-old male suspect attempted to kick in a door of a residence last night in the 3700 Block of South Holden Street.  After officers contained the area, a K-9 team located the suspect.

At around 8:15 last night, residents inside the home called 911 after hearing an unknown person kicking on the back door, attempting to kick it in.  The occupants inside stated they were afraid and believed that this person was trying to get inside.  Officers arrived and saw a distinctive shoe print on the back door, indicating where the suspect had tried to kick open the door.  The door was ajar about an inch.

Officers immediately set up containment and a K-9 team responded for a track.  While the dog and his handler were conducting their track, another officer came across a juvenile male with an injured hand about 8 blocks south of the house on Beacon Avenue South.  Officers were able to verify that the suspect was in fact the burglary suspect, as the pattern on his shoes matched the print on the door.  The K-9 team also tracked directly to the suspect.  The 16-year-old suspect was arrested and taken to the hospital for treatment of his hand, which he injured when he fell while running from the house.  After he was treated, the young man was booked into the Youth Services Center for burglary.