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Suspicious Substance in Ballard Determined to be Harmless

Powder, not the movie, caused a scare at a Ballard video store this morning. 

At approximately 11:28 p.m. officers and the fire department’s hazardous material (HAZMAT) team responded to the 700 block of NW Market Street for a 911 report of a suspicious substance.  Preliminary investigation indicates that employees at a video store opened a DVD case and found a baggie with suspicious white powder in it.  Officers cordoned off the area and temporarily shut down 8th Avenue NW between 54th and Market Street to all pedestrian and vehicular traffic while the HAZMAT team thoroughly examined the substance.  

Once the substance was determined to be harmless, all traffic was re-opened. 

Investigating officers took custody of the substance and booked it into evidence for further forensic examination and identification.