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Officers Arrest Half-Naked Man For Emptying Fire Extinguisher In West Seattle Bar

Just after 1 am this morning, police received a report that a man was exposing himself inside a West Seattle bar, where he had thrown “some kind of smoke” like some sort of half-naked wizard.

Officers arrived at the  Yen Wor Village Restaurant and Bar, near California Ave SW and SW College Street, where employees recounted the evening’s events, describing how a man inside the bar had repeatedly pulled his purple sweatpants down.

When restaurant staff asked the man to return his pants to their full, upright position, he complied for a short time, but eventually pulled them back down and “mooned everyone” in the bar.

Staff told the man to pay his tab and leave, so the man settled up and then walked into a back hallway. Moments later, employees saw what appeared to be smoke billowing out of the hallway.

Staff evacuated the restaurant and checked the hallway, where they found the man spraying out the contents of a fire extinguisher.

The man then walked outside the restaurant, where police found him with his sweatpants down around his knees.

Officers arrested the man for property damage and indecent exposure and booked him into the King County Jail.