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Woman Arrested For Attacking Roommate With Axe, Hammer

Officers arrested a 53-year-old woman at her Wallingford home early this morning after she pulled a hammer and hatchet on her roommate and attacked him.

Just after midnight, the 53-year-old woman’s roommate called police and said the woman had attacked him with an axe.

Officers arrived at the home, near N. 50th Street and Stone Way, and met the victim outside.

As officers were talking to the victim—who told police his girlfriend was still inside the house with the suspect—the suspect slammed the front door of the home and began throwing items at a front window while screaming at officers.

The victim told police that he and his girlfriend had been in their room earlier in the evening when the suspect—who was holding a hatchet in one hand and a hammer in the other—came to their door and started yelling at them.

The victim told her to leave but she refused. When the victim walked away from the 53-year-old woman, she swung the hammer or the axe—the victim wasn’t sure—striking him in the head.

The victim was apparently not injured in the attack.

The suspect then walked away from the victim, who went back into his room and closed the door.

A half-hour later, the suspect came back and kicked in the victim’s door, breaking it. She then picked up a broken board and swung it at the victim, who called 911.

Officers tried to get the suspect to come out of the home, but she refused.

So, as the woman stood inside the house screaming through the front window at police, several officers walked through the back door of the home, confronted the suspect and arrested her.

Officers booked the 53-year-old woman into the King County Jail for domestic violence assault.