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Man Arrested For Threateningly Twirling His Nunchaku In Public

Officers arrested a 46-year-old man Monday evening on First Hill after he threatened a woman with his nunchaku.

Just after 4 pm, the woman was walking down the street near Terry Avenue and Terrace Street when she crossed paths with a man, who was flailing around nunchaku—two sticks connected with a rope or chain, sometimes referred to as “nunchucks,” chako sticks or your favorite Ninja Turtle’s favorite weapon.

The woman later told police that when she tried to walk around the man and warned him that he could hurt someone with his swinging sticks, he continued twirling his nunchaku and swore at her.

The woman, worried that the suspect was about to attack her, turned around and quickly walked away. The man followed her for a short distance, but ultimately turned around and went back to his twirling.

The woman walked home and called 911.

A few minutes later, officers spotted the 46-year-old suspect near Terry Ave. and James St., still flailing his nunchaku.

Officers contacted the man took his nunchaku, and booked him into the King County Jail for unlawful use of weapons and harassment.

This is at least the second ninja-related crime Seattle police have investigated since 2009. However, this latest case appears to be an isolated incident and SPD has not seen a rise in ninja-related crime in the region.