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Officers Catch Sex Offender Literally With His Pants Down In Cal Anderson Park

It was just after 12:45 pm on a Sunny Sunday afternoon as East Precinct Bike Patrol officers were rolling through Cal Anderson Park.

Cal Anderson was crowded, with lots of families and small children playing in the park, which made it all the more alarming when they received a report of a man sitting by the park fountain, reading pornographic magazines and fondling himself.

When officers rode up to the man near the park’s fountain, they found him sitting on a bench , holding a pornographic magazine right in front of his face, and one arm tucked inside his oversized t-shirt.

When officers questioned the man about what he was doing, he admitted that officers had literally caught him with his pants down.

Officers then arrested the man—who, they discovered, is also a registered sex offender—and found he was carrying several other pornographic magazines, a half-empty container of lubricant and had a sex toy in his backpack.

Officers contacted the Department of Corrections about the man’s arrest and booked him into the King County Jail for indecent exposure.