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Police Investigating Drive-By at 26th and E. Spring

Just before 2 am Sunday morning, police received a report of gunfire at 26th and E. Spring Street.

Patrol officers then received information that a maroon Chevy SUV had been spotted fleeing the scene. Officers found the SUV stopped at a traffic light at 23rd and Cherry and pulled the car over.

When officers ordered the driver out of the vehicle, the man behind the wheel informed police he has a concealed weapons permit—explaining why he had a handgun sticking out of his waistband.

The man—who police are well-acquainted with—also told officers he had another loaded gun in the car. Indeed, police found another loaded pistol in the SUV.

Officers confirmed that both the guns are registered to the man, who has a concealed weapons permit, and asked him about the shooting.

The man denied being involved in the incident, and said he had been out shopping.

Back at 26th and E. Spring, police found shell casings but no evidence of damage or injuries. A witness was able to confirm they had seen the SUV fleeing the scene of the shooting. However, police weren’t able to find any witnesses who actually saw anyone in the car open fire or tie either of the driver’s guns to the shooting, and released the man from the scene.