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Gang Detectives Investigating High Point Shooting

Gang detectives are investigating a shooting in the High Point neighborhood after a man with a gunshot wound showed up at an Auburn hospital Friday.

Early this morning, around 1 am, police received several 911 calls about gunfire near Lanham Place SW and SW Morgan Street.

Police headed to the scene to investigate the gunshots—which were also heard by at least one patrol officer working in the area—but officers were unable to find any damage or victims in the area.

About 10 hours later, just before 11 AM, police received a report that a man in his 30s had come into an Auburn hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. The man reportedly said he’d been shot early this morning in West Seattle.

Gang Unit detectives are now investigating the man’s claim. It’s unclear why the man waited so long to seek treatment and why he apparently never called police about the incident.