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What Are You Doing For Night Out?

Pat yourself on the back, Seattle: you shattered last year’s Night Out participation record. A staggering 1,427 different blocks around the city have registered for Night Out—a five-percent increase over last year.

So, what’re you doing for Seattle Night Out? Here’s what we (and a few of our friends) have planned tonight:

Chief Pugel: I’m going to drive around the city and attend as many celebrations as possible.

Community Outreach Captain Carmen Best: I’m going where Chief Pugel goes.

Homicide Detective Rolf Norton: I’m working nights right now, so I’ll be in the office working on two cases.

Bryan from Columbia Tower Starbucks: I actually have to close the store tonight, so I won’t be able participate.

Detective Lauren Truscott: I just solved a case, so I’m going to stay late writing up a probable cause certification and a search warrant.

Phoenix Jones: Me and the rest of the RCSH crew will be at the Bell Street Park event. I love Belltown!

Traffic Sergeant Don Smith: I’m assigned to direct traffic at the Seattle Mariners home game tonight, so I’ll be there making sure people get to and from the game safely. Go Mariners!

Nick the BB Ranch Bacon Brittle vendor at Pike Place Market at City Hall: Night Out? When is that? Tonight? Nah, I have to work late and get up early.

West Precinct Bikes Sergeant Jim Dyment: I’ll be working, but I’m sending two of my officers out to visit downtown Night Out celebrations.

Elisa Hahn from KING 5 News: I’m working tonight, so I’m doing a story on Night Out, specifically regarding safety on Capitol Hill and how neighbors are working together.

West Precinct Operations Lieutenant Deanna Nollette: I’ll be out and about visiting Night Out events throughout the West Precinct, starting with the event at Bell Street Park.

Mike Carter of the Seattle Times: I’m going to hang out with my family, mingle with the neighbors and talk about crime in South Seattle.

Your Favorite Blogger’s Favorite Blogger, Jonah Spangenthal-Lee:  I asked you for the night off and you said ‘no’. Remember?