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Report of Doughnuts In Green Lake Park Draws Quick Response From Officers

After drawing the attention of police with his doughnuts, a man led police on a brief chase through Green Lake Thursday evening.

Around 9:30 pm, police began receiving reports that a man in a blue Ford Crown Victoria was doing doughnuts on the grass near Green Lake’s Bath House Theatre.

Officers quickly responded to the report of doughnuts in the park, arriving at the scene within three minutes. Officers then spotted the man’s headlights near the park’s beach. When officers flashed their lights at the man, he kept driving, ran over a small tree in the park, and drove up onto a curb, blowing out a tire in the 7600 block of Green Lake Drive N.

Officers smelled alcohol on the man and transported him back to the North Precinct for DUI testing. There, they discovered the driver was more than two-and-a-half times over the legal limit.

Officers booked the man into KCJ for DUI, negligent driving and property damage.

After examining the park, officers estimated the man tore up about 3,000 square feet of grass and turf, causing at least $2,500 in damage.