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Undercover Officers On the Lookout For Bad Behavior Outside Seahawks Games

Take it easy with your trash-talk at Seahawks games this season—that fan in the other team’s jersey might actually be an undercover cop.

Toward the end of last football season, police received complaints about fan-on-fan violence and harassment in and out of the stadium, some of which was witnessed first-hand by officers attending games while off-duty.

This season, undercover Seattle police officers will be milling about in the crowds outside Seahawks home games (starting today), looking for bad behavior on game day.

Our officers are not looking to throw the flag on respectful and competitive banter between rival fanbases. They will, however, be looking for fans outside the stadium who are taking those team rivalries too far, and police will make arrests if necessary.

In keeping with Centurylink Field’s Code of Fan conduct, please refrain from the following things:

  • Threatening other fans
  • Intimidating other fans
  • Harming other fans

If you’re not sure how to strike up a friendly conversation with a visiting team’s fans, here are a few potential topics for a polite chat:

  • Which Rice is best? Sidney, Ray, pork fried?
  • Has anything ruined football more than the forward pass?
  • Whatever happened to that guy who did that thing that one time?
  • Which team has the dreamiest defensive line?
  • Whose quarterback leads the league in “grit,” “scrappiness”?
  • XFL? LOL!

Make each game day fun and safe for everybody, folks.