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Never Bring a Knife to a Shovel Fight

He pulls a knife, you pull a shovel. He ruins your nap, you send him on his way with backside pain! That’s the Seattle way!

At about 5:20 pm Sunday, a man was taking a nap inside his home near Carleton Ave S. and S. Bailey St. when his brother woke him up and said there was an intoxicated man wandering around in their front yard.

When the man stepped outside and told the trespasser to leave, the suspect pulled a folding knife from his pocket.

The victim grabbed a shovel from outside his house and again ordered the suspect to get off his lawn.

Instead, the suspect stepped forward and pointed the blade of his knife at the victim, so the victim gave him a smack with the shovel, knocking the suspect to the ground. The victim then warned the knife-wielding man he’d do it again if he didn’t leave.

The suspect picked himself up, grabbed his bike and walked off down the street while the victim called police.

Officers spotted the suspect near Corson Ave and E. Marginal Way S., arrested him and recovered two knives.

The suspect seemed intoxicated and was a bit incoherent, and requested medical attention for a possible injury to his buttocks.

Officers later booked the suspect into the King County Jail for felony harassment.