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Man Stabbed in Arm During Disturbance At Queen Anne House Party

A 24-year -old man received a nasty stab wound to his bicep following a disturbance that erupted following a house party early this morning.

At about 1:00 this morning, officers responded to a disturbance in the area of Taylor Avenue North and Newton Street.  Officer arrived and it appeared that many of the people involved in the disturbance had left the area.  However, officers discovered a significant trail of blood leading from the driveway of a house, down the street where it ended next to where a car had been parked.  Witnesses told officers they saw several people get into a car and that one of them was bleeding badly.

Officers went back to the house where the blood trail started and contacted two men there.  One of the men stated that he lived there with his mother, who happened to be out of town.  He told officers that he and his friend decided to host a party, with just a “few invited friends.”

As sometimes happens, uninvited people showed up to the party.  According to the hosts, there were about 20-25 people at the party, but they only knew about half of them.  As the hosts were trying to end the party and get everyone to leave, a fight began outside the house between several people, and the victim was stabbed in the arm.  It was then that neighbors and the hosts called 911.  Officers did not locate any additional victims.

While officers were interviewing the hosts, another officer had stopped a car for speeding not too far from the house.  One of the occupants in the car was bleeding from the arm and admitted to being involved in the disturbance.  The victim ended up going to the hospital for treatment of his injury. 

The officers responded to the hospital to get more information from the victim.  At first he provided officers with a  partial description of the suspect, but then later became more and more uncooperative and stated that he did not want to participate with the investigation.  Doctors at the hospital stated that the injury was not life-threatening.

Officers documented the events and will continue to follow up on this incident.