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Yes, SPD Will Go Undercover At The Seahawks Game This Sunday

This Sunday, our undercover officers will be dressing up in their Cecil Shorts and Maurice Jones-Drawstring hoodies as they mill about* in the crowds again at Centurylink Field during the Seahawks/Jaguars game.

Toward the end of the last NFL season, police received complaints about fan-on-fan violence and harassment in and around the stadium, some of which was witnessed first-hand by officers attending games on their own time. In response, this season Seattle police began deploying plainclothes officers around the stadium.

So far, the plainclothes officers deployed at the Raiders preseason game and last week’s 49ers game have broken up a few minor scuffles, but have not witnessed any major personal fouls. Good job, everybody.

We understand there will be competitive banter between rival fan bases, and officers aren’t looking to crack down on friendly trash-talk. Officers are there to deter crime and encourage civility, and ensure fans of either team aren’t intimidating or harming others. 

SPD will continue to deploy plainclothes officers at games throughout the season as circumstances allow, in addition to our highly-visible uniformed presence at the stadium.

So, once more with feeling, in keeping with Centurylink Field’s Code of Fan conduct, please refrain from the following things:

  • Threatening other fans
  • Intimidating other fans
  • Harming other fans

Have a great game day, and Go Hawks!

*Turns out it’s way easier to find a Seahawks jersey in this town than it is to find Jaguars gear.