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Suspect Arrested Following Robbery at Office Depot

A 20-year-old suspect was arrested yesterday afternoon after detectives determined his involvement in a September 30th Office Depot robbery.

On the morning of September 30th, an employee of the store located in the 1700 Block of Airport Way South confronted two men inside the computer area of the store.  One of the suspects had concealed a computer tablet inside the waistband of his pants and the other suspect was holding a pair of wire cutters in his hand.  The employee yelled at the suspects and they fled toward the door.  As one of the suspects was fleeing, he slipped, fell, and dropped his keys.  The employee grabbed the keys and told the suspect to hand back the tablet.  The suspect rushed the employee, grabbed her in a bear hug, and forcefully removed the keys from her hand.  He then fled.  A witness saw the suspect get in a car and flee and provided a description to the police.  The employee sustained a small scratch to her arm, but did not require medical attention.  The tablet was valued at $2500.00.

Detectives  developed  information on the suspects from the vehicle information and the employee identified the suspects from a photo montage.  Yesterday afternoon, detectives convinced one of the suspects to come to the Robbery Office for an interview.  After the interview, the suspect was arrested and booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery.  Detectives continue to investigate this robbery.