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Man Stabs Restaurant Worker After Demanding Free Pizza

Seattle police arrested a man on Aurora Avenue Wednesday night after he walked into a restaurant, demanded free pizza, and then stabbed an employee when he didn’t get it, continuing this week’s awful trend of foodrelated crime.

The suspect came into the shop near the 7600 block of Aurora Avenue at about 6:15 pm, demanded a free pie, and said if employees didn’t give him what he wanted he would scatter trash throughout the restaurant and throw their garbage cans into the road. The man then apparently made good on his threat, scattering garbage around the restaurant.

The suspect informed employees he was picking up a pizza for another man, who lives near the pizza shop, and apparently receives free pies on occasion.

When an employee told the suspect he would go and contact the man about the supposedly free pizza, the suspect stabbed him in the back and fled the business.

Officers caught up to the suspect on Aurora, arrested him, and recovered four knives.

The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.