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Halloween 2013: Parties Crashed, Pumpkins Smashed

In addition to a shooting, a knife fight, and a robbery committed by a man in a Michael Myers mask, Seattle police are also investigating a few other cases of Halloween eve hijinks:

Robbery detectives are searching for eight suspects (three women and five men) who showed up uninvited to a house party in the 9200 block of Woodlawn Ave. N and got a bit rowdy.

When the residents asked the suspects to leave, the suspects attacked five other partygoers, and fled the home with two video game consoles and a bunch of cash.

One victim was taken to Northwest Hospital for treatment for facial fractures.

Earlier in the evening, police also arrested a man at another house party, near NE 50th St and 16th Ave NE.

After residents of the home barred the man from coming inside, he punched another attendee and then a window, cutting his hand.

The man then told several other party-goers he had a gun, prompting them to call 911.

Officers arrived and arrested the 23-year-old suspect, and booked him for harassment and an assault warrant. Police are also requesting charges for another count of assault and property destruction.

Finally, police were called to a home in the 3900 block of E Madison Street around 8:30 PM last night after some unidentified scoundrels hurled a pumpkin through a man’s second story bedroom window.

The man ran outside his home to try to catch the suspect, but the pumpkin thrower had vanished.