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Police Called After Man Threatens to Kill Two Refs At Middle School Girls Soccer Game

Seattle police have a red card—and then some—for a man who flipped out at a middle school girls soccer game over the weekend and threatened to kill two referees.

One referee called the first half of the Saturday match between two Seattle middle school teams at Memorial Stadium, and then retired to the stands for the second half of the game. There, the suspect confronted the ref about a call made during the game, but remained cordial.

Things changed in the second half of the game, however, when a second referee took over, and awarded one of the teams a game-winning penalty kick. 

This apparently enraged the suspect, who hurled slurs at both referees  and threatened them, telling one ref he planned to kill him “when you walk out that stadium door.”

After returning home, one of the referees later called police and reported the incident. The ref told officers he doesn’t know the suspect, but believes he is the parent of a girl on one of the teams.