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No injuries in South Seattle Explosion

The Arson Bomb Squad is investigating an apartment explosion in South Seattle. On 01-07-14, just shortly before 2:00 p.m., Seattle Fire department (SFD) responded to an explosion at 2801 S. McClellan St.  SFD stated that the building had been moved six inches off of its foundation.

Arson Bomb Detectives (ABS) responded to the scene and spoke with SFD and Patrol. Based on their information ABS determined that the explosion was from a hash oil extraction.  There was marijuana located in the freezer in a large Pyrex measuring cup and a Butane bottle was next to the refrigerator (Butane is commonly used in the extraction of Hash Oil).

The door to the refrigerator and freezer had been blown off.  The explosion appeared to start at the bottom of the refrigerator. Officers and SFD found marijuana in one of the bedrooms and a substantial marijuana grow farm was located in the basement. There were no injuries.

Narcotics Detectives responded.  The owner of the property was not forthcoming with who had control of the property.

ABS will handle the follow-up on the reckless endangerment charge. The investigation continues.