Interim Police Chief Harry Bailey Announces Promotions and Command Staff Changes

Interim Chief of Police Harry Bailey made the following announcement to all Seattle Police Department employees this afternoon:

I would like to announce the newest promotions in the Seattle Police Department and Command Staff changes.

Effective immediately, the following Captains have been promoted to the rank of Assistant Chief:

Robin Clark

Tag Gleason

Joe Kessler

My current Command Staff is made up of the following:

Carmen Best

Robin Clark

Tag Gleason

Joe Kessler

Clark Kimerer

Paul McDonagh

Mike Washburn

As previously announced by Mayor Ed Murray, Assistant Chief Jim Pugel is working on a special project on Harm Reduction.

I look forward to working with what I consider to be some of the best leaders in the agency and to making positive changes in the Seattle Police Department.

Thank You. 

Harry Bailey

Interim Chief of Police